DriveNot mobile app short description

Before you decide this is not for you please note that this is an offer for FREE exposure for your transport business.

DriveNot is a mobile app currently available for Android and in review at the iTunes store.

The app will generate more Local calls to your business as it matches user's position with your Area of operation.

Fill out and submit the form below - it's Free to get listed in DriveNot. Customers will make Direct Calls to the phone number you add in the form. It is very important to draw the area of operation correctly on the map so DriveNot can match customers to your service area.

If you are using our Taxi Booking software (not just for Taxis but all kinds of transportation providers: mini cabs, shuttles, limousines, phv, luxury car hire, chauffeur services) then please don't fill out this form but Contact us directly and integration will be taken care of. Taxi Booking software users offer direct Bookings through the app.

* Please note that Transportation license number is mandatory as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. DriveNot does not provide transportation services but serves as a marketing tool for transportation providers to connect them with their customers.