For a limo company the objectives to get business and comply with regulations are:

  • Advance booking 
  • Fixed pre-defined rates
  • Carrying booking manifest
  • Minimum charge
  • Appealing and user friendly limo booking website and software 

In Taxi Booking when run as a Limo booking software all fees are established prior to the actual Booking, visually presented to the customer to help them make an educated choice. It is customary for Limousine businesses to offer Fixed rates on pre-defined routes or to be Hired by the hour both easily achievable through Taxi Booking software. Set up minimum charge or initial call charge to comply with Minimum charge regulations in your area.

Based on some legislation requirements Limousines can't be booked to respond to immediate travel requests and this is why Taxi Booking offers a setting "Booking allowed after: XX hours" and can be safely run as a Limousine booking software.

When the booking is made and a Driver assigned to it they will receive a copy of the booking information which includes Date/Time of pick up, Pick up and Drop off destinations and Passenger's details such as Name and contact information. This information is a virtual passenger manifest that is required by some local authorities and regulators.

Business model: Limos and the City - owner of Taxi Booking Pro website and limousine booking software

Cars are driving on pre-defined routes eg. Manhattan - La Guardia airport, Manhattan - JFK airport, Queens La Guardia airport, Queens - JFK airport, Brooklyn - La Guardia airport, Brookly - JFK airport and many others - Add first Pick up and Drop off destinations as Points of Interest and then create Special routes for each pair of Destinations.

Minimum charge $40 - each Special route is set for no less than $40

Different prices for different vehicles eg. Town car, Stretch limo, Lincoln Navigator - In Special routes screen select Separate price for each car and add prices for each Car type separately.

Booking allowed minimum 12 hours prior to departure - in Settings > General settings set Booking allowed after (hours): 12

Driver must have a manifest with passenger name on him at the time of transfer - create Driver users in User management and assign a Driver to each incoming order, Drivers automatically receive booking details including Date/Time, Pick up, Drop off, Passenger name, Payment type: Cash to driver or Online payment.


The Problem: Create taxi tariff based on taxi meter set up to charge £2 for the first 269 meters and £0.20 for each 269 meters there after.
The Solution: To work out "Price per unit" (miles or kilometers, in this case study kilometers is used) use the formula (1000 divided X-meters charge multiplied by price per X-meters charge) 1000m / 269 x £0.20 = £0.74 - this will be your Price per kilometer. Fill it in at "Price per unit: 0.74"
Then at Cumulative price calculation (back end Car management) enter Distance From: 0, Distance To: 0.269 and Price £2 in the first set of fields - this means that for the first 269 meters you will charge £2, then the system will factor in and add to the total the rest of the distance and multiply it by £0.74 (price per kilometer).

Example: If the journey distance is 15 kilometers, based on the above set up the price will be: 15 000 meters - 269 meters = 14 731 meters or 14.731 kilometers > price £2 for the first 269 meters + 14.731 kilometers x £0.74 = £2 + £10.90 = Total £12.90 (will be rounded to £13 by the auto round up system).

Disclaimer: Taxi Booking software is not a legal Taxi Meter. If you are required by law to use a Taxi Meter in your vehicle you have to. In this case you can use Taxi Booking software as Quotation system or to take journey deposits online. We do not take any responsibility if you fail to comply with your local laws and legislation.

Case Study:
Hourly hire of Volunteer instructors to Young Drivers. One hour lessons by picking up and dropping off the Young Drivers at their address.
Instead of booking via "Address" (calculate distance and apply price per kilometer/mile) you can use "Hourly hire" booking option - create Cars/Drivers at the back end with "Minimum hours to hire": 1 and "Maximum hours to hire": 1 and then create "Custom fields" for "Hourly hire" that will request Young Driver's address. Tackle Donations via PayPal, either with a "Custom field" that will allow different donation amounts or with Payment types for Donation amounts configured at PayPal payment method. And have Cash payment configured as "Book for Free" where no payment gateway will be used but the online booking form will be submitted. At the back end you can create accounts for your volunteers and assign your volunteers to each order, this way they will receive automatic email with all details.

Step by step guide to set up booking "Hourly rate":

Read more: Hourly hire of Volunteer instructors to Young drivers

If you are running a delivery service that doesn't take into account measure and weight of packages eg. Max weight 2 kg, you can use Taxi Booking to manage your fleet and accept online bookings.
Let's assume that you are running a Scooter in city delivery service.
At back end Taxi Booking Car management create your fleet adding each scooter with it's own image, details and price per mile/kilometer by selecting "Price per Unit override: Yes" if you have different prices for different vehicles in your fleet.
You can set up "Multiple distance range price" in which different distances can be charged at different price per mile/kilometer eg. 0 to 5 miles/kilometers at $1 per mile/kilometer, 5 to 10 miles/kilometers at $1.5 per mile/kilometer etc.
If all your Scooters tariff is the same price per mile/kilometer you may save yourself some time by adding the price at back end Taxi Booking Settings > Price tab.
You can also set up vehicle availability by days of the week and working hours of the day. Also remember that each booking made at the front end will block off that time period for the vehicle automatically so it can not be double booked.
If you don't have pre-set Point to Point delivery service, make sure that you don't have any Special routes in the Special routes section or they are all unpublished, this will hide the Special offers tab at the front end form. Also at back end Taxi Booking > Settings > General settings select "Show From POI: No" and "Show To POI: No" to hide Points of Interest drop downs at the booking form.
If you are running your business from one Base location and pick up and drop off packages all over the city you may want to make up for the lost "dead" mileage from your base to Pick up and Drop off to Base. You can do that in the back end Taxi Booking > Settings > Base tab, set Latitude and Longitude of your base, Select "Calculate distance Base to Pickup?: Yes/No", select "Price type for Base to Pickup: Flat rate/Per unit distance" and add "Base to Pickup price:" repeat the same procedure for Drop off location. Here you can also "Add time after each booking (minutes)" to compensate for loading time manually as it can not be calculated by the automatic Route time calculation. Don't forget to Save your changes.

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