Taxi Booking Pro aims to deliver a higher booking rate for taxi companies by the means of online booking, fast and secure online payments processing and online orders management.

Build your own Taxi fare calculator or non-taxi transportation calculator.

Taxi Booking Pro is the missing online link between Taxi dispatch companies, Taxi drivers and end users - Taxi clients.

Taxi Booking Pro comes with a ready made website with various skins to suit your business or just a booking form if you already have your own website, web based management system to be accessed anywhere on any device connected to the Internet and no need of downloading and installing any APPs thanks to it's responsive highly optimized for mobile devices design.

However, in this mobile powered world where apps mean a lot to end users and you can get white labelled Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps that will deliver your services to your customers even faster.

Who is Taxi Booking Pro for:

1. Taxi companies - Taxi Booking Pro can be set up to display and charge prices per mile/kilometre based on route distance between selected Pick up and Drop off points.

2. Mini cab and Private Hire Vehicle companies that need to operate on pre-book basis.

3. Limousine companies with Flat rate fees for journeys between two set destinations.

4. Delivery companies that charge by the mile/kilometre.

5. Point to point delivery companies.

6. Shuttle transportation companies.

7. Traditional bus trips that sell tickets/seats.

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Taxi Booking Pro will suit the needs of "one man companies" with a single vehicle as well as organizations managing hundreds of vehicles and orders under one roof.

Taxi Booking Pro has a scalable, modular structure and is very easy to enhance and update. Because of that we constantly develop and improve it with new revolutionary features.

You can use Taxi Booking Pro in parallel with your current solution and see what works best for your business! The more channels that bring orders to your business the better. Taxi market is evolving. Use new technologies to gain competitive advantage.

If you have any questions or to see back end management demo feel free to Contact us.

The Booking Form


  • * Fully responsive, mobile device optimized Search Engine Friendly taxi website design and layout
  • * Latest online Taxi Booking software installed with unlimited free updates and upgrades
  • * Professional installation on your web hosting or recommended hosting by us (yearly subscription)
  • * Technical support and professional help and advice
  • Prices:

£249.99 yearly
(recommended hosting) support and update included.

For large (or potentially large) websites this is the best Cloud hosing starting from $10 a month.

If you already have a website you may wish to get just The Booking Form for £24.99 a month.

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